We are going to try and go paperless. This will save over-all about $100 a session and that $ will go into a fund for a luck of the draw entry into The Rally nationals in Pennsylvania next spring. If any player on a team has a smart phone and will download Scorekeeper 2.0 from Run-out aps the league will pay the $.99 for the download, just show the ap on your phone to Laurie and receive $1.00. If scores are taken with the ap the handicaps are always up to date because it is connected to poolnet! Please only one phone score sheet submission per match! This will save everyone from having to run around to turn in score sheets. It can be done straight from your phone and I will receive it directly to my phone and submit it directly to poolnet. The check or money order can then be mailed in to: WORCESTER TAP LEAGUE 152 MILLBURY ST, WORCESTER, MA 01610 or teams can see me directly. Stats etc. can be looked up on poolnet and the schedule will always be posted on Facebook. Less money on ink and paper means more money for teams!!!!

Click here to see the Apps website – Runout Apps – Innovative Score Keeping

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