The Chicago 8 Ball Qualifier division is up in poolnet. Please check your roster for players as it is the roster you placed 1st, 2nd 3rd or 1st place bottom tier wild card with. This may be different than your current roster! If you qualified in more than one session you can choose which roster to use for the tournament. Ken McGoldrick please call and advise which roster you are using. Please check handicaps and any disputes with handicaps has to be done through Laurie by email to corporate by the 15th of this month! We will be doing a live draw for the bracket and who plays who to save time on Facebook in a live video stream so everyone can watch. If your team is listed and you are not attending please let us know! This tournament is on Saturday June 23 at the Green Room in Uxbridge. Doors open at noon, captain’s meeting at 12:30 and we start at 1pm. You may play in this tournament if you are not currently playing on a roster now but realize if your team wins 1st or 2nd to go your players must All Qualify by playing on a team and get 6 matches between June 11 and October 1st and all memberships and money needs to be paid! No exceptions!

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