Okay Players…8 Ball Qualifier Tournament for the Vegas Tournament is going to be June 17th at The Green Room in Uxbridge. Doors open at Noon, Captains meeting at 12:30, play starts promptly at 1:00.

Just so everyone understands, corporate has made changes to what teams can play and the rosters of those teams. So here is a quick layout of that. In order to play in this tournament, your team had to have been in the top 3 places at end of the playoffs of any session in the qualifying year. The roster that you had during that season is the roster that you will play this tournament with. This means that if you have had roster changes, the new players on your current roster, are not qualified to play. If u had someone on your roster, but they have left your team, but are still currently playing, even if it is on another team, they can still play on your team. This means that some people could possibly have qualified to play on more than 1 team for this event. Any questions, please address them to Danielle Grondine or Laurie Flaherty concerning these changes, questions concerning your roster must go to Laurie.

So now for the qualified teams.

From Worcester Area: Loose Racks, Execuetors, 4th & 1Hustlahs, Poke’n Pray, Sharp Shooters, Martini Mafia, Legion 58, Breakin’ Ballz, Ballz Deep

From Milford: Lucky 9’s, Pocket Pool, Bank Robbers, Too Hot in the Kitchen

From Uxbridge: 8-ballitis, Magic 8 Ball, Casa Fernandez, In the Kitchen, Noonzies

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