Chicago Nationals 9 ball: Here is the list of 9 ball teams in so far for the Qualifying tournament for Chicago on Saturday June 30th at the Green Room in Uxbridge 535 Quaker Highway in Uxbridge. This list is current and does not include this session. Sundays in Worcester and Southbridge will be closing before the deadline and will be added. Doors open at noon, captains meeting at 12:30 and we start at 1pm. Your roster is the roster you placed first second or third with. Bottom tier winner is a wild card and will be added depending on bracket size. First place team receives airfare, hotel *, and entry fee paid to play in Chicago Nationals at Pheasant Run, IL from Oct 31-Nov 5th. All teams must be paid in full to play. All players must be currently listed on a roster in order to play. 2nd place can go but will have to pay as we don’t have enough 9 ball teams yet to pay for 2 teams.
From Milford Wednesdays at Lucky 9’s:
MISFITS-from last session 
POCKET ROCKETS-from last session 
THE NINERS-from last session 
10 BALLS ONE POCKET-from 2 sessions ago
(Wild Card) 5th GEAR 
(Wild Card)HONEY BADGERS-from 2 sessions ago

From Southbridge Sundays:
PURE EVIL-from last session 
POLISH TIGERS-from last session

From Worcester Sundays:
LOTTA GREEN-from last session 
CONTROLLED CHAOS- from last session 
SCRATCHED ‘N FELT-from last session

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