Top Shooter Rewards & Current MVP List

If you made 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the mvp list for your handicap then you may play 2 singles tournaments per year free, one 8 ball and one 9 ball. At these tournaments if there is a high turnout of players I will split the board so that 2s, 3s, and 4s compete together and 5s and 6s compete together.

Top Shooters must be active on a roster to take advantage of this bonus.

Current 9 Ball MVPs

Running list of 9 ball MVPs for the free MVP singles in January 2020. Alan McGuane, David Colbeth Sr, Andy Decollibus, Nate Harlow, Evan Dumas, Jeremy Bolio, Paul McGann

Current 8 Ball MVPs

Running list of 8 Ball MVPs for the free MVP singles in January 2020.
Kathy Mckeown, Stephen Cronin, Tom Campanelli, Jess Bly, Will McVey, Dennis Rivet, Andrea Casey, and Christine Morse

Running list of 8 ball singles for September 7th closed tournament for Mississippi.
2-4 category: Matthew Gjeltema, Rick Cerrone and Sam Garwood
5-7 category: Jose Pardo, Jeremy Slade, Donald Mahlert

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