Worcester County Tap League

Here at the Worcester Tap League over 50% of player dues goes back to the players in prize money, awards, banquets and trips and entrance fees to nationals. This is actually a league for the players, as no other league gives back as much as we do.

We pay 1st, 2nd and 3rd place locally in prize money which equals about 3x what the other national leagues pay out! For a team to qualify for nationals you only have to win first place in your local divisional play-offs! I am proud to say that no matter your skill level or team’s ability every player can be awarded something and will get something from a session played with us. T.A.P. on and play pool!

Join The Tap Pool League where you will learn to play real pool, where your game will improve & you don’t depend on luck to win the game!

Have you been thinking about another pool league to compete in?

1. Are you tired of “slop” pool?
2. Are you tired of breaking your team up every few months?
3. Are you tired of low pay outs?
4. Are you tired of the long shot odds to play at nationals?
5. Are you tired of arrogant league operators that tell you to “Take it or leave it.”
6. Are you tired of being over handicapped?
7. Are you tired of what appears like favoritism for certain teams?
8. Are you tired of the same old place national location?
9. Are you tired of the same old routine?
10. Do you need a change in your billiard league?

If you answer yes to just one of the questions above, maybe it’s time you called you called joined the Worcester County TAP League.


Benefits of the TAP Pool League

  • Call your pocket, improve your game
  • Team skill level up to 25 – allows more or better pool players per team
  • Cash back every session
  • Play in local TAP only pool tournaments

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Worcester Tap League

Worcester Tap League

New TAP Leagues forming in Worcester County!!!! Also follow us @ worcestert.a.p on Instagram.

We now have 7 divisions! Call for information

Monday Worcester 8 ball playoff schedule week 1Top tier:The Nines 2 came in 1st with 52 points, All Chalked Up came in 2nd with 45 points, The Rack Pack came in 3rd with 42 points and Itam Ballers came in 4th with 41 points. 1st plays 4th at 1st’s home and 2nd plays 3rd at 2nd’s home. This means The Nines 2 will face Itam Ballers at The 9ines Neighborhood Bar and All Chalked up will face The Rack Pack at The White Eagle. The next week the two winners will playoff for 1st and 2nd and the teams that lost will play off for 3rd.Bottom tier:The Wrecking Crew 1X came in 5th with 40 points, Money Shot came in 6th with 39 points, Exe-cuetors came in 7th with 33 points and Sticks and a Chick came in 8th with 30 points. 5th plays 8th at 5th’s home and 6th plays 7th at 6th’s home. This means The Wrecking Crew 1X will face Sticks and a Chick (there is already a match at the 9ines so they must choose a neutral bar or play at their opponent’s bar), Money Shot will face Exe-cuetors at the Oxford Legion. The next week the two winning teams will face off for 1st place bottom tier. Remember the team tournament for Orlando is right around the corner on the 27th and 28th of July. The playoff division will be up shortly! Please remember to use it for scoring and teams do pay for playoffs. Good luck everyone! ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Worcester Tap League
Thursday 8 ball banquet pics! ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

Worcester Tap League
The banquet for last session on Thursdays is tomorrow night is at 7:30 at Greendales Pub ... See MoreSee Less
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